Important Information

1. The fund invests mainly in U.S. dollar denominated short-term bonds and in comparable securities that are denominated in other currencies, provided that the currency exposure is principally hedged back to the U.S. dollar.

2. Investing in this fund may expose investors to exchange/currency risk and European sovereign-debt crisis risk. It may also involve risks associated with debt securities and risk of investment in ABS/MBS.

3. The fund may use financial derivative instruments (FDI) for hedging, for efficient portfolio management and as a way to gain exposure (long or short) to various assets, markets or other investment opportunities. FDI exposure may involve additional risks such as credit/counterparty risk, volatility and liquidity risk, valuation risk and over-the-counter transaction risk. The fund may be leveraged and suffer losses from its FDI usage.

4. RMB is currently not freely convertible and is subject to exchange controls and restrictions. Under exceptional circumstances, payment of redemptions and/or dividend payment in RMB may be delayed due to the exchange controls and restrictions applicable to RMB.

5. For hedged classes, there is no guarantee that the hedging techniques employed by the manager will fully and effectively achieve the desired result and effect. Furthermore the volatility of the hedged classes may be higher than that of the equivalent class denominated in the fund’s base currency. If the counterparties of the instruments used for hedging purpose default, investors of the hedged classes may be exposed to currency exchange risk of the currency of denomination of the relevant class on an unhedged basis and may therefore suffer further losses.

6. For distribution class, the fund may at its discretion determine to pay dividends out of income or capital or effectively out of capital of the fund. Payment of dividends out of capital and/or effectively out of capital amounts to a return or withdrawal of part of an investor’s original investment or from any capital gains attributable to that original investment. Any distributions involving payment of dividends out of the fund’s capital or payment of dividends effectively out of the fund’s capital (as the case may be) may result in an immediate reduction of the net asset value per share of the fund.

7. The value of the fund can be volatile and could go down substantially. Investors may suffer losses.

8. Investors should not only base on this marketing material alone to make investment decisions.

Amundi Funds US Short Term Bond^

Seizing the full spectrum of yield opportunities in short term 

The Funds pursues returns in excess of money market funds by seeking high levels of current income across a diverse range of short-term credit sectors and securities. The Fund aims to provide robust liquidity management at the security level and through portfolio construction.

^The Fund name is changed  from Amundi Funds Pioneer US Short Term Bond to Amundi Funds US Short Term Bond with effect from 15 March 2024.

Why Short Duration Makes Sense now?

1. Significant Treasury yield curve inversion presents higher yields on the short-end of the curve.

2. Short duration can be considered by income-oriented investors who want to sustain the high level of rates longer.

3. Broad short-duration investment universe can provide a high level of diversification and income potential.

Why Amundi Funds - US Short Term bond now?

1. Reaping the benefits from an  inverted yield curve 

Under the concern of economic recession, short term bonds are now yielding much higher than longer-dated bonds, presenting an attractive opportunity for income investors. 

Source: U.S. Department of the Treasury. Data as of 29 December 2023. Data based on past performance, which is no guarantee of future results. 

2. A laddered approach to broaden the horizons with multi sectors 

  1. WAL refers to Weighted Average Life.
  2. Agency securitized products refers to Agency Mortgage Backed Securities (Agency MBS) and Agency Collateralized Mortgage Obligation Securities (Agency CMO's). 
  3. Securitized products refers to Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (Commercial MBS) and Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLO).

3. An award-winning investment team

Benchmark Fund of the Year Awards 2023:

House Awards - Mutual Fund - US Fixed Income - Outstanding Achiever

3 Key Fund Features

Monthly Dividend Distribution *

Aims to provide a monthly dividend of 6.5%* (as of January 2024, dividend payment is not guaranteed) Important information 6

Focus on high quality 

Source: Amundi, data as of 31 January, 2024 

A broadly diversified portfolio

A well-diversified portfolio with a high exposure to floating rates, making it insensitive to interest rate movements

Source: Amundi, data as of 31 January, 2024

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