Amundi, european leader in asset management

Amundi is the European leader in the asset management industry1 with over USD 1 trillion of Asset under management worldwide2.

A Broad International Presence

Amundi has management teams operating in the major financial centers in Europe (Paris, London, Milan), Asia (Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore), Australia and the US. It invests in all asset classes and major currencies (Euro, Yen, Dollar, Sterling).

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Recognised for its strategies

01 | Fixed Income 3

One of the world market leaders in Euro fixed income, global fixed income, money market and credit activities

02 | Equities 4

An established presence in European equities and strong niche areas of expertise in Japanese, Asian and emerging market equities

03 | Absolute Return 5

A major market player with a track record of innovation

04 | Savings solutions for retail clients

Internationally recognised for its expertise in providing customised products

05 | Investment solutions for institutional clients

Acknowledged expertise in investment solutions for institutional clients

(1) No.1  European asset manager based on global assets under management (AUM) and the main headquarters being based in Continental Europe – Source IPE “ Top 400 asset managers” published in June 2016 and based on AUM as at December 2015.

(2) Amundi figures as of 31st March 2017.

(3) Fixed income: No.1 in Europe in money market funds - Source Broadridge Financial Solutions FundFile  - November 2016 - Open-ended Funds domiciled in Europe and in related offshore territories.

(4) Equities: No.4 in Europe in European and Eurozone equity funds - Source Broadridge Financial Solutions FundFile  - November 2016- Open-ended Funds domiciled in Europe and in related offshore territories

(5) Absolute return: No.15 in Europe in absolute return funds - Source Broadridge Financial Solutions FundFile  - November 2016 - Open-ended Funds domiciled in Europe and in related offshore territories.

Asset classes/expertise are defined from Lipper FMI’s Fund Sector and Fund Feature database.

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Amundi is the short name of Amundi Hong Kong Limited.