Diversify your portfolio with bonds

Bonds are medium to long-term financial investments that offer potential growth with a moderate risk level compared to other asset classes. We provide a variety of bond funds and first-rate expertise in fixed income management.

Focus on bonds

Bonds are debt securities issued by governments, public sector organisations and companies.

They pay interest to the holder (often at a rate that is fixed at issue) called a bond coupon. After a certain time, the issuer reimburses the bond’s nominal value to the holder. There are several bond categories, each with different characteristics. Bonds are considered less risky than equities, whose return is more difficult to predict.

Search bond opportunities

Amundi is one the leading providers of fixed income management in Europe and across the world. In the context of sustained low interest rates, our specialists have developed easily accessible bond funds, with clear strategies that look to perform over the medium or long-term.

Our fund managers continuously evaluate interest rates, issuer ratings and the market’s liquidity, looking for opportunities among different bond categories: government bonds, well-rated “investment grade” bonds, high yield bonds, inflation-linked bonds etc.

The main risks with bond funds are interest rate risk, exchange risk and credit risk. Please refer to the relevant legal documentation for more information.

Key points about Amundi’s fixed income management

A choice of fixed income funds covering the main markets worldwide

Global coverage of the bond universe and significant research, analysis and follow-up resources

Experts in “aggregate”1 strategy (global, Euro, U.S.)

A leading worldwide provider

US$ 948

billion in assets under management in fixed income2

Bond investment carries a risk of capital loss and does not offer any guarantee of performance or capital security.

1“Aggregate” strategy means investing both in government and corporate bonds.

2Source: Amundi, as of 30 September 2021.

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