Seizing opportunities in the equity markets

Amundi offers a wide range of equity strategies, both traditional and innovative, to help you access the growth potential of a variety of companies: European, Asian or emerging markets, single market investments, SMEs etc.

Investing in companies

  • Investing in equities is generally considered to be an effective choice when you’re looking for long-term performance and return, despite the increased risk associated with equity investment.
  • It is also a way to contribute to the development and financing of businesses, and to benefit from their growth. But selecting the right companies takes time and a thorough knowledge of the markets.
  • Therefore, choose Amundi’s specialists and their proven expertise as your equity investment partners.

Selecting the right companies

  • As a leader in this market, Amundi brings together the necessary technical analysis with local presence, particularly in Europe. We stay in contact with numerous French and international companies, making more than 1,000 company visits each year.
  • This direct contact is essential to fully understand the companies we select.
  • By closely monitoring the day-to-day organisation of each company, we can identify which ones might offer the best growth prospects in the medium or long-term.

Key points about Amundi’s equity management

A wide range of management strategies, traditional and innovative

Many companies analysed supported by company visits

Specialists teams located across the world to be as close as possible to the markets

Our expertise in figures

US$ 465

billion in assets under management1


portfolio managers2



1Source: Amundi, as of 30 September 2021.

2Source: Amundi, as of 30 June 2021.

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