Simplify your investment with Amundi index funds

Amundi is a leading European index management specialist. We provide investors with a wide range of simple, liquid and transparent products, from traditional indexed funds to Exchange Traded Funds (also called trackers).

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Simplicity and transparency

What is an indexed fund? 

Indexed funds closely replicate the performance of their benchmark index, as it moves up and down. Due to their simplicity, you benefit from the diversity of investing in the benchmark index plus competitive management fees1. Given these characteristics, they can be an excellent investment choice.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs): indexed funds that are quoted on the market

Also called trackers, ETFs combine the characteristics of an indexed fund. Trading an ETF share takes place on the stock market so they can be bought or sold during the market’s opening hours. The flexibility and variety of ETFs makes them a useful and simple investment tool in your portfolio.

The advantages of Amundi

Amundi offers exceptional quality, innovation and competitive prices1.

From traditional index funds to ETFs, we provide a range that gives you access to approximately one hundred indices covering all types of exposures (country, region and sector) through simple, liquid and transparent funds.

The index management expertise of the leading asset manager in Europe

US$ 327

billion in assets under management2

30 years

of Indexing expertise2

10 years

Smart Beta track record2

1Source: Amundi ETF. Drawn from a comparison of the average Total Expense Ratio (TER) weighed by the assets of all Amundi ETF funds and the average of all European ETF (incl. Amundi ETF funds) according to Deutsche Bank's Europe Monthly ETF Market Review from 31 October 2014. Important: some Amundi ETF funds may not be individually cheaper than equivalent European funds or have equivalent funds that allow a comparison and vice versa. This analysis does not take into account the commission and transaction fees charged by financial intermediaries and paid directly by the investor. All transactions are subject to costs charged by your financial intermediary.

2Source: Amundi ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta as of 30 September 2021.

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