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Amundi Asia Pacific Market Monthly Commentary - Dec 2018

The Asia ex Japan equity market ended up the year on a negative note, with the MSCI AC Asia ex Japan index losing 2.71% (in USD terms, dividend included) in December. Major markets affecting performance were heavyweight China and Korea. Most other markets finished the month lower than they started, while India finished almost flat and Philippines and Malaysia clocked in positive return.

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Amundi Asia Pacific Market Monthly Commentary - Nov 2018

After a brutal start at the fourth quarter in October, Asia ex Japan market rose by 5.31% (In USD term, dividend included) in November, significantly outperforming global equities which rallied, in addition to the dovish Federal Reserve speech. The region’s strong absolute performance offset part of YTD losses, on the back of stellar performance from Indonesia, India and China, where only Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand remained in negative territory.

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Amundi Asia Pacific Market Monthly Commentary - Oct 2018

MSCI Asia ex Japan fell by 10.85% (in USD, dividend included) in October, in a brutal selloff triggered by global market weakness. The region performance was dragged by China, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong which all losing more than 10%. China was affected by multiple downward triggers, including a low third quarter GDP growth, poor macroeconomic data post summer and rising volatility from global equity markets. The impact of the trade war is starting to be more visible in China’s macro-economy as Purchase Manager Index came in soft in September, weighted by weakening export orders.

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US Midterm election

Expert Talk, 07 November 2018

US Midterm election: A divided Congress opens two possible scenarios

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Expert Talk , 17 August 2018

Turkey shakes summer thin markets

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7 things you need to know in this summer

Expert Talk, 6 August 2018

7 things you need to know in this summer

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Protectionism intensifies

Expert Talk, 6 Jul 2018

Protectionism intensifies while negotiation continues

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MSCI A share index inclusion

Expert Talk, 1 June 2018

MSCI A Share inclusion

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Expert Talk, 12 March 2018

Investors should be ready for a new phase

The European Central Bank (ECB) council removed the easing bias on the Asset Purchase Programme, but President Draghi was dovish in commenting the change. At the global level, a new and more volatile phase is opening up, due to different speeds in Central Banks’ recalibration policies. To deal with this new phase, investors should adopt diversified strategies: Not only duration and credit, but also currencies. This will be, in our view, an important source of performance in this complex phase.

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