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Tuesday 25 May 2021

Artificial Intelligence Solutions to Support ESG Integration in Emerging Markets

Assessing the ESG quality of an issuer is key for investment decisions, not only to take into account the sustainable risks that might weaken the issuer’s financial strength, but also to assess the product’s impact on key issues that represent a systemic risk for society. There are nevertheless data sources that are underused and could, if correctly analyzed, strengthen our ESG assessment.

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Monday 19 April 2021

Emerging Market Green Bonds Report 2020

Although the rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines and, more recently, the launch of widespread immunization drives provide a clear path out of this unprecedented global crisis, the short-term outlook, especially in EMs, is still uncertain. What is certain is that EMs will experience widely divergent recovery paths and will require substantial fiscal policy support.

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Tuesday 09 June 2020

Sustainable and actionable: An ESG study of climate and social challenge for Asia

Climate risks are rising in Asia. So an urgent question for financial markets becomes: what impact is the region’s green fixed income having on climate change mitigation? And could it do more?

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