A global multi-asset strategy with capital guarantee

Important information

1.This is a guarantee fund. The Sub-Fund guarantees at least 90%, but not 100%, of the initial investment amount. Any potential return in excess of the guaranteed value is not guaranteed. The Sub-Fund is not a time deposit. The guarantee is subject to credit risk of the Guarantor, Credit Agricole S.A..
2.The Initial Period for the Guarantee is 5 years, which may be renewed for successive further periods of one year. In the event that the guarantee terminates at the end of the Initial Period or the relevant Renewed Period (as the case may be) and the Manager is unable to procure a renewal of the guarantee prior to the end of the Initial Period or the relevant Renewed Period (as the case may be), or that the Guarantor terminates the guarantee by exercising its power to do so, the Sub-Fund will be terminated. In case of prolonged Monetization Situation*, the Manager will be entitled to terminate the Sub-Fund. Under the above circumstances, all the units held by the unitholders will be compulsorily redeemed and investors may suffer losses.
3.Investing in this Sub-Fund may involve risk associated with equities, fixed income securities, financial derivative instruments and other collective investment schemes. It may also involve specific risk relating to dynamic asset allocation strategy, and connected parties risk. In the event of monetization, the Sub-Fund might not benefit from any further increase of the market.
4.Investors should note that subscription fee may apply when investors subscribe the Sub-Fund.
5.The value of the Sub-Fund can be volatile and the Sub-Fund may suffer significant losses.
6.Investors must read the offering document carefully for further details, especially the details of the guarantee, fees and charges as well as the risk factors. Investors should not only base on this marketing material alone to make investment decisions.

* Monetization Situation refers to a situation where the Sub-Fund continuously records negative performance and the spread between daily NAV and the Guaranteed Value becomes very tight (e.g. less than 1% of the highest daily NAV since inception of the Sub-Fund), the Sub-Fund may invest 100% in the conservative component. Please refer to the offering documents for details.

In a context of:
• low interest rates;
• economic and financial uncertainties; and
• traditional multi-asset funds may not satisfy your need for capital protection,
you may need an investment solution that can seek for potential returns and protect your principals simultaneously.

Amundi Global Dynamic Allocation Protect 90 Strategy - Key Features


global multi-asset


At least 90%

capital guarantee1

Daily dealing2

1 The Fund offers a daily guarantee protection calculated based on 90% of the highest NAV per unit reached since the inception of the Fund.

2 Any business day during which banks are open for normal banking business in Hong Kong and France. Please refer to the prospectus for details.

What is “Global Dynamic Allocation”?

The Fund aims to achieve stable capital growth via actively and flexibly allocating its assets in a Growth Component and a Conservative Component.

  • Growth Component consists of higher-risk investments e.g. equities and bonds and is designed to act as the return driver. In favorable market conditions, the Fund intends to increase its exposure in Growth Component.
  • Conservative Component consists of lower-risk investments e.g. bonds and money market and is designed to act as a preservation tool to the portfolio. In unfavorable market conditions, the Fund intends to increase its exposure in Conservative Component.

Above allocations are for illustration purpose only .

What is “Protect 90”?

  • Investors will benefit from a daily guarantee protection of 90% of the highest fund price since fund inception.
  • The guaranteed value increases each time when the fund price reaches a new high.
  • Investors can redeem their fund units on any dealing day at a fund price which is always greater than or equal to the guaranteed value.

Fund Facts


The Fund is exclusively distributed by Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited in Hong Kong until 30 June 2017.

The issuer of this webpage is Amundi Hong Kong Limited. This webpage have not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong (the “SFC”). Investors should not only base on this document alone to make investment decisions. Investment involved risks. Past performance information presented is not indicative of future performance. The value of an investment may go down or up. The fund(s) may use financial derivatives instruments as part of the investment strategy and invest in securities of emerging markets or smaller companies, or fixed income securities. This involves significant risks and is usually more sensitive to price movements. The volatility of fund prices may be relatively increased. Issuers of fixed-income securities may default on its obligation and the fund(s) will not recover its investment. Additional risk factors are described in the offering document(s). Investors are advised to be aware of any new risks that may have emerged in the prevailing market circumstances before subscribing the fund(s).

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